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Paintball is one of two (modern) adventure combat sports (airsoft being the other) that simulate modern armed conflict without the associated bloodshed. In this sport, teams compete for domination and attempt to 'mark' opposing players, thereby eliminating them from the game. The goal of this study was to develop a quality-of-life framework for an adventure-based sport, namely paintball. To achieve said goal, the author first conducted interviews with 12 paintballers from across the globe. Preceding the survey, an extensive marketing campaign, targeting paintballers via Facebook, was done by D Venter, stating the goal of the study and encouraging them to join the dedicated Facebook group Global Paintball Research Project.


""Being part of the Airsoft sporting community has inspired me to keep motivated and fit while at the same time learning from others and working as a team of professionals."
Retired Airgames and .22 high school club member
A Lawrence


the things we do

SANPA in conjunction with players, teams and venues assists various organizations and projects with support including feeding schemes, cancer awareness, animal welfare and others. The paintball community in general are always willing to go out of their way to assist those in need.

In the beginning of 2020, together with fields and our professional teams, SANPA embarked on a project to focus on getting more young people from previously disadvantaged communities involved in the sport, through various campaigns and projects.
This was unfortunately stopped short due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but we hope to get this project going again as soon as we are allowed.
The concept was for sponsored teams, through their sponsors and brands, to assist new players from communities to get involved in the sport and get active and learn from our top players in the country.
This project includes assisting new players with the necessary equipment, clothing and paintballs to train and compete.
The South African Regional Paintball League (SARPL), which is the national paintball league for South Africa, also generously waived all entry fees as well as membership fees for these players and teams to compete in this amazing, action packed sport.


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Compliance Officers

Paul Grobler, Compliance Officer Paul Grobler, Senior Compliance Officer
Committee member ASTM (2012-current)
PADI EFR Instructor (2006-current)
General Secretary UPBF (2018 - current)
Chairman SANPA (2012-current)
Hermien Steyn, Compliance Officer

Hermien Steyn, Compliance Officer
BAA (Basic Ambulance Assistant)
Main Medic at most SARPL events since 2018

Armand Hoffmann, Compliance Officer

Armand Hoffmann, Compliance Officer
OHSA qualification

Alan Muller, Compliance Officer Alan Muller, Compliance Officer
Rhino Rigs - European Arena Rigging Certificate
25 + years experience in Technical and Visual Design in Live Events Industry
Registered Pyrotechnician for Live Event and Special Events
Bill Sapsis Arena Rigging courses USA standards
Anton Newman, Compliance Officer Anton Newman, Compliance Officer
Level 5 Medic
Riaan Britz, Compliance Officer Riaan Britz, Compliance Officer
OHSA qualification

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